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4 Things To Avoid When Preparing For Your Online Exam

Study advice: How to keep yourself motivated

5 tips to kick-start your study

5 Reasons Why Your CPD Isn't Just a Tick The Box Activity

10 reasons why you should choose an insurance apprenticeship

Making the most of your CPD Webinars

Report reveals demand for ESG talent within Irish Insurance Industry

Climate Risk Course Launched For Insurance & Financial Service Sectors

Parental Leave and CPD: Reductions, Maintaining Your Membership and Staying Compliant

Your end-of-year CPD checklist

The 5 most common CPD submission blunders (and how to avoid them);

Building braver cultures - Amanda Blanc, Rachael Ingle & Fiona Marry.

How the insurance industry is building braver cultures & how to help.

What are Local Institutes and 5 reasons why they are important.

Meet The President - Iggy Duffy, President of The Insurance Institute of Limerick

Meet The President - Danny O’ Connell, President of The Insurance Institute of Cork

Meet the President – Dave Whelan, President of The Insurance Institute of Dublin

Meet the President – Kieran Dixon, President of The Insurance Institute of Galway

Meet the President - Martin Higgins, President of The Insurance Institute of Sligo

What is Quitch and 5 other new student questions.

Getting to know - Laura Tighe

The first 7 weeks of the Higher Diploma in Insurance Management.

Claims are coming - What Game of Thrones has taught us about insurance

How to volunteer for 'Time to Read' [INFOGRAPHIC]

Time to Read - A volunteer’s experience

Case Study: ‘Time to Read’ with Gaelscoil Osraí

What does a modern leader need to be?

We Are More – Introducing Our Three-Year Strategic Plan

Apprenticeship vs. College – we look at the pros and cons

Our Qualifications - Each One Explained In 50 Words Or Less

What does an insurance apprentice actually do? [Infographic]

Inspiring Leaders - The Female Edition

When Career and Passion Merge.

3 Things To Consider Before Following Your Passion

A Woman's World - Naomi Sabherwal, AIG

Personal Branding: What It Is and Why You Need One

Tips for answering common interview questions

Does the term 'networking' fill you with dread? These tips will help.

9 Career Blogs And Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

The 3 Things To Read Before Your Next Exam

Study advice: How to keep yourself motivated

Game, Set, Pass – How Gamification is Revolutionising Online Education

Making apprenticeships a talent pipeline.

Acknowledging those supporting apprentices and ensuring success

Recognising success – Celebrating the employers who go over and above

A Day in the Life with Apprentice Chloe Davis, Insurance Practitioner Apprentice with Hegarty Financial Management

What is an insurance apprenticeship? (And other FAQs)

A Step-By-Step Guide to Applying for an Apprenticeship

Applying for an apprenticeship? How to write a CV that gets noticed

Burnout - A Closer Look At Causes, Symptoms and Solutions

The Insurance Institute Reveals Details of new CSR Initiative Focused on Helping Young Children Become Confident Readers

Using Vulnerability to Build Resilience

The Insurance Institute & Quitch – A Practical Application Of Gamification In Professional Education

Why Creating a Culture that Recognises Success Really Matters

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship: IT Sligo Tell Us Their Side Of The Story

Niall Collins on Apprenticeships: the Action Plan, the Benefits and the Value to our Economy

Niall Collins on Apprenticeships: Supports, Diversity and the Future of Apprenticeships

7 Most Asked Questions About The Higher Diploma in Insurance Management

Digital Transformation and Enhancing the Learning Experience for Students

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship - A Q&A with Trish O’Hagan, Personal Lines Operation Manager at Hastings Insurance Brokers

Hiring an Insurance Apprentice - A Q&A with Terry Pierce, Business Manager, BJP Insurance

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship - A Q&A with Simon Murphy, Learning and Development Manager at Sedgwick

Meet Our 2021 National President, Linda Gallagher

Apprenticeships in Ireland - An Interview with Dr.Mary-Liz Trant, Executive Director at SOLAS

How Capstone Projects Can Benefit The Industry – The Employer’s Perspective

Recognising Success: Why Acknowledging Those Supporting Apprentices is Essential

How Capstone Projects Can Benefit The Industry

Q&A - Advice From an Insurance Apprentice Graduate

Practical Tips for On-boarding

What your new hires first week should look like – a guide to on-boarding

What is on-boarding and why does it matter?

4 Things To Avoid When Preparing For Your Online Exam

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship Opens for Registrations

The Virtual Library

Apprenticeships in Ireland - An Interview with Dr.Mary-Liz Trant, Executive Director at SOLAS

Christmas Opening Hours

Dive In 2020 - This Year's Events

The Apprenticeship Programme - A Q&A With Lee O'Rourke, Thornton and Partners

The Apprenticeship Programme - A Q&A with Francesca Fitzsimmons, Apprentice at FBD

The Apprenticeship Programme - A Q&A with Ben Flood, Apprentice at Marsh Ireland

Returning to Work Safely: A Q&A With Kay Baxter, Inspector at The HSA

Meet the Presidents - Denis O'Leary, Dublin

Meet the Presidents - Trish O'Hagan, Sligo

Meet the Presidents - Niall O'Shea, Cork

Meet the Presidents - Cian O'Dea, Limerick

Meet the Presidents - Majella King, Galway

3 Steps to Resolving Your Password Reset Issues

Your Capstone Project - 5 Pieces of Advice For Our Final Year Apprentices

3 Things To Do Before Your First Online Exam

Working From Home: 3 Rules for Effective Communication

Working From Home: 5 Musts for Looking After Your Mental Health

Working From Home: 3 Tips For Increasing Productivity

A Woman's World - Ruth Leggett, Sedgwick

A Woman's World - Aisling Hayes, AXA Insurance

A Woman's World - Mary-Jane Halpin, Cornmarket

A Woman's World - Ursula Murphy, Allianz

How Warranty and Indemnity Insurance Facilitates Merger and Acquisition Deals

A Step by Step Guide to our Exams

CPD - Everything You Need To Know Before December 31st

Body Language: the Do's and Dont's

Inclusion and Diversity - A look at How Willis Towers Watson Approach I&D

The Insurance Institute is ‘Guaranteed Irish’

My First Year As An Insurance Apprentice

Boring, Stressful and Complicated - What Graduates Really Think of Our Industry

Your Office Wardrobe: How To Dress For Success

The Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship Explained

Your Handy Guide To Office Speak

Meet The Presidents - Ruth McArthur, Dublin

Meet The Presidents - Mark Quinn, Limerick

Meet The Presidents - Julie Jennings, Sligo

The Apprenticeship Program: an Employers Perspective

Meet The Presidents - Fiona Charles, Cork

Meet The Presidents - Jim Molloy, Galway

What To Expect From An Apprenticeship Interview

How To Land Your Next Job: 5 Top Tips From An Industry Recruiter

Words Hurt: Your Reputation In A Digital World

Reputation Management: The 5 Things You Need To Know

Women in Insurance

Celebrating Diversity — Through Apprenticeships

Our top 5 blog posts of 2018

6 Things to Know Before Clicking Submit

The Changing Face of Insurance: 5 Things We've Learned From This Quarters Insider

Why you need to BeSMART when it comes to Health & Safety Management

Getting To Know: Insurance Institute of Galway President, John Walsh

Study Tips From An 'Award Winning' Apprentice

Aloise Robinson Q&A; Why I became an Insurance Apprentice

Getting to Know Fiona O'Gorman

The Female Lead: Inga Beale

Ciara O'Grady on her key thoughts on the Irish regulatory landscape for InsurTech companies

Getting to know: Stephen Sommerville

Our top 5 most popular blog posts of 2017

CPD: Dealing with my first end-of-year submission

How insurers can take advantage of the Internet of Things

MCC 2017: What you need to know

Stress management tips for managers

Student Stories: Advice from an ACII

What is your learning style? [QUIZ]

8 Most Common Exam Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)

Resources that will get you up-to-speed on GDPR

Weathering the storm: shipping risks

Consumer Insurance Contracts Bill: What you need to know

Work wellness: How to boost your performance through a healthy diet

Brexit: Challenges and opportunities for Ireland

InsurTech: Transforming the industry from within

How to make a study plan that really works

GDPR: What's in store for insurance?

FAQ: I failed my exam. What now?

Student Stories: The journey to conferral day

Service with a smile: how to ensure great customer service

5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Study

Assessing personal injury claims

What is Blockchain?

5 ways to reduce unconscious bias in the workplace

Bright Young Things: What millennials want from their employer

Focus on: Underwriting

What does a financial adviser actually do? [Infographic]

The Professional Perils of Life in the Advertising Industry

What does a loss adjuster actually do? [Infographic]

“Life should always be interesting” – Sandra Harvey-Graham

“You never know where opportunity is going to present itself” – Fiona Taylor, Irish Life

Here's why employers are choosing to hire apprentices

Our 5 most popular blog posts of 2016

What does an Insurance Broker actually do? [Infographic]

Getting to know: Arlene O'Brien

What does an Underwriter actually do? [Infographic]

What does a Claims Handler actually do? [Infographic]

Getting to know: Clare Grimes

"Anything is possible" – Caitriona Somers

10 business writing tips [SlideShare]

THINKPIECE: Why leaders lose their way

Key tips for starting your first job

Student Stories: the final countdown

Food for thought: powering your brain at exam time

Student Stories: race to exam day – the final sprint.

Student Stories: How I deal with study frustration

What is a personal brand and how do you build one?

How to get a job in insurance

Career tips: travelling after college

How to overcome those exam day nerves

Student Stories: study and the art of balance

Student Stories: How I stopped making excuses and started my study

Stepping outside your comfort zone – Michelle Boland

The importance of mindfulness in the office

From switchboard to CEO – Adrienne O'Sullivan

Being your own boss – Jane Brady

"Be passionate about what you do" – Linda Gallagher, First Ireland

Achieving work/life balance – Fiona Charles

“Don't be afraid to take risks” – Maureen Walsh, DeCare Dental

70% of insurance CEOs see skills shortage as a threat to growth

INFOGRAPHIC: The best (and worst) study habits

Is a career in insurance right for you? (Guest blog)

Driverless cars: a new reality

Do we need a new pricing model for motor insurance? (Thinkpiece)

75% would recommend a career in insurance to friends or family

5 Reasons Why Your CPD Isn't Just a Tick The Box Activity

How vehicle cameras are helping to protect fleets (Thinkpiece)

Double relief or double jeopardy? (Thinkpiece)

Building a workforce for the future

Education: the passport to success – John Harnett, Australia