Meet The Presidents - Mark Quinn, Limerick

20-Jun-2019 08:49:15 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute

Wanting to contribute to the local industry, Mark Quinn joined the Insurance Institute Limerick council in 2017. Having only started working in the industry, Mark was keen to get to know more people and expand his network.


Now, as Limerick President, Mark is passionate about encouraging others to get involved with their institute and is focusing his months as president on inclusion in the insurance industry (along with our other 4 presidents around Ireland).

He spoke to us about his plans for the coming year and what you need to know about the Limerick local institute!

What does this year's presidential theme of inclusion mean to you?

Coming from a background outside of the insurance industry, I personally have experienced inclusion and have had nothing but hugely positive experiences as a result of my involvement with our Institute and as a member of Limerick Council.

Inclusion should encompass those less fortunate than ourselves in society certainly, but also our apprentices, younger entrants, and retired or past members - all of whom should be cherished as possessing both a bright future, but also the knowledge and experience of the past.

We hope to establish ARIS (Association for Retired Insurance Staff) in The Insurance Institute of Limerick, and also to encourage our apprentices and younger entrants to attend events and to engage with their Institute as their involvement will be beneficial to all.

What is Arís?

What challenges do you currently face?

We have a very busy diary of events planned for the year ahead, and these will provide the main outlet for engaging with our members.

In terms of challenges, we are conscious that our members have busy professional and personal lives, and so making time is always difficult, however the benefits of engagement (with the Institute) are undeniable, and I would encourage all members to come along to as many events as possible.

How has being a key part of the Limerick local institute benefited you?

I have benefited enormously from my involvement to date. Thus far, I’ve made great friends and we’ve shared some wonderful times together. It has also extended my professional network and I feel that this has had a knock-on effect to our business as during this time it has only gone from strength to strength. I also feel that my participation with the local insurance community has helped me become part of the wider insurance industry family, where I have been welcomed with open arms from day one.

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What advice would you give to people starting out their professional careers today?

All business is relationship driven – coming along to events and meeting the people who work within our industry at every level is invaluable. I would encourage those starting out in their career to consider joining the Council as it’s a proven path to forging strong, lifelong, relationships that will benefit their careers and only enrich their personal lives.

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