The importance of mindfulness in the office

21-Jun-2016 10:36:39 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute



The term ‘mindfulness’ might conjure up an image of meditation and relaxation; however, it can also be a very useful management tool, one that can and should be incorporated into all workplaces. It might seem like an abstract exercise, but when practiced regularly, mindfulness can be very powerful.

This article from Strategy + Business gives an interesting overview of the value of mindfulness in business.


Make better decisions

Mindfulness is about focusing on the here and now; about paying attention to the little things you do automatically every day, and considering ways to do them more effectively. This awareness leads to better decision making, increasing your productivity.


Have an open mind

People can often fall into the trap of doing things the same way “because that’s how we’ve always done it”. Negative mind-sets can take over and the desire to get things done quickly can surpass the need to evaluate the ways in which tasks are done. However, having an open mind and practicing mindfulness encourages innovation and creativity and allows you to spot more opportunities.


Reduce stress

Stress can be a direct result of having limited control over what is going to happen next. Mindfulness allows you to weigh up the possible outcomes and pay attention to how you can improve things.

The below infographic from Generon International shows the 5 benefits to mindfulness at work.