The 5 most common CPD submission blunders (and how to avoid them);

14-Dec-2017 18:30:00 / by Anne Roberts


As the 31st of December CPD submission deadline fast approaches, our Member Services team have pulled together their list of the 5 most common mistakes that members have made over the years when it comes to CPD submissions and more importantly, what you can do to make sure you avoid them!

Number 5:

More of an inconvenience for the individual rather than a mistake, in at number 5, is forgetting to apply for your Pro-Rata reduction. This reduction is applicable to any member who will not be providing financial advice during a defined period of time, such as maternity leave.

Not notifying us before the deadline could find you in a first fail scenario and could result in an unnecessary amount of hassle. If this is you and you haven’t yet applied for an adjustment, you can find the form here and if you are unsure about anything, just contact a member of the member services team.

Number 4:

Our next entry, number 4, is an unfortunately recurring mistake from one main area; our newly qualified members. Every year we notice a significant batch of this cohort who have accepted their designations, but think that CPD is optional.

Because we anticipate this happening, we do a targeted communications campaign to anyone who is still at zero hours at this late stage in the year, as the options for recording and submitting CPD ahead of the deadline are significantly reduced. One of our own Institute team members, Tom, had his first end-of-year CPD submission experience in 2017 and you can read about it here if you are looking for inspiration.

If you haven’t started yet. Don’t panic, but make sure that you start now. Visit our on demand e-learning library (find out how here) to look at what is available for you and start racking up those all-important hours!


Number 3:

This leads us nicely into our 3rd entry – the bulk offenders! There are a small number of members who do nothing throughout the year and then try to cram in all 15 hours in the one day. There is a genuine reason that the C in CPD stands for Continuing. This practice is seriously frowned upon by the Central Bank, as their MCC guidelines clearly state that the maximum number of hours that can be completed in any day is eight hours. Also important to note is that the maximum you can claim for any single topic in any day is four hours (MCC Section 1.7.2 CPD Hours). Not adhering to this, could lead to a lot of unnecessary stress.

The best way to avoid this? Start sooner and try to get your minimum requirement completed earlier in the year if possible. That way, anything that comes up of interest to you later in the year is simply an added bonus. Find out more how to make your CPD work for you here.

Number 2:

At number 2 are those of you who don’t pay attention to your specified function and / or ethics requirements. One of the hardest things to have to tell a member, particularly when they have done the required number of hours, is that they haven’t completed their annual requirement because they didn’t tie it in with their specified function or compulsory ethics requirement.

If you aren’t sure what your specified function requirements are, you can find out more on the Central Banks website and if you haven’t yet completed your ethics hour, hop over to our on-demand ethics content in the e-learning section of the member area.

keep calm.jpg

Number 1:

And finally …. The most common mistake of all? Not clicking submit!

Don’t forget that in order for us to receive your CPD submission for the year, you have to press that big shiny submit button. If you don’t, you might find yourself in a first fail scenario for no reason other than you forgot to click. Watch our latest explainer video here if you are unsure of the online submission process.

Good luck and see you at our first CPD lectures which launch in January 2018.

You can read some of our other CPD FAQ’s here and as always, if you have any questions, call (01 645 6670) or email ( the Member Services team for further advice as they are always happy to help.