The Virtual Library

18-Mar-2021 12:22:46 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute

Continuous learning is one of the most important elements of career progression. Here at The Insurance Institute, we always encourage our members to work on their learning and development. In line with this, our Education Team have developed a Virtual Library, giving you access to lots of great industry related content which helps to support your ongoing learning. Plus, it’s all available as part of your existing membership fee. 


To help you navigate the Library, we've put together a quick Q&A. Keep reading to find out how to access it and the benefits of using it. 

How do I access the Virtual Library?

Accessing the library is simple. First -Log into your Member Area and in the first row of options, you should see a  ‘Virtual Library’ portal. Simply click on it to get started!


What does it provide?

Once you've accessed this new resource, you can access Educational/CPD Content, Spotlight Sources and Online Access Resources. 

Here's more information on what each section contains:

  • The Educational/CPD Content: If you've missed a webinar or want to revisit a topic, this section allows you to watch recordings from previous CPD webinars. Plus, you'll have access to textbooks, assessment materials and explainer videos to help you pass every exam with flying colours. 
  • The Spotlight Sources: Technology is constantly transforming the insurance industry for the better. With updated Spotlight Sources every 2 months,  you’ll be kept up to date on all new trends with access to research and editorial pieces that provide particularly current and thought-provoking industry insights and analysis.
  • The Online Access Resources section: Don’t know your Aggregation from your Defamation? This section gives you access to Market Reports, Podcasts and most importantly our newly updated Glossary.

Why should I use the Virtual Library?

As well as helping you to better prepare for your exams and start working towards your next qualification, accessing this resource helps you to take control of your learning, allowing you to easily keep yourself up-to-date with industry trends and news. Log in now and see for yourself!