Meet the Presidents - Trish O'Hagan, Sligo

18/06/20 10:43 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute


Trish O’Hagan, President of The Insurance Institute of Sligo

Over the course of her career, Trish had always wanted to invest in professional development but due to the busyness of her job she could never seem to find the time. In 2017 Trish decided to make it a priority and so she joined The Insurance Institute - then in 2018 she joined Council, which she says was a great decision as she enjoys being part of a team and making new friends and connections.

We spoke with Trish to learn more about what the Presidency means to her and what her plans are for the year ahead.

What will the theme of your Presidency be?

Alongside the other Presidents we have decided on “Community” as our collective theme. We feel this is extremely appropriate especially given the current environment and the fact that community has never been more important. The situation we are all living through has strangely put the focus back where it should always have been - on family, friends, health, support in your community of your community. For us at the Sligo Institute it has reminded us of where our core culture comes from and has enabled us to have a new understanding of why that’s so important.

Are there any initiatives started by a previous President that you want to take on and develop further?

I would like to build on the apprenticeship programme and work on having it pitched at the right time to the right people in the Sligo region. I’d like to engage with employers and discuss with them the many benefits of taking on an apprentice and what it can bring to their business.

How do you think Local Institutes contribute to the development of members? How can members get more involved if they want?

The CPD events held along with the other social activities are a great way for members to come together. I would encourage all members to attend any of the events that are organised as the industry is small and the networking is invaluable.

If members are interested in becoming more involved they should discuss the possibility of joining local Council – it’s a really effective way of keeping your finger on the pulse of the industry.

Connecting with industry peers is obviously hugely important - once life has returned to normal do you think the insurance community will be keen to come together again and to resume events etc?

2020 was going to have its added challenge in respect of the social elements due to the update to Consumer Protection Code (2012) following the CP116 consultation process and the introduction of hospitality restrictions for providers, however we now have the added Covid-19 social distancing to adhere to. I’ve been in this industry for 25 years nearly and I have no doubt that if we can find a way to get back out there and resume events within the constraints facing us, we will and that’s a day I’m really looking forward to!