Meet the Presidents - Majella King, Galway

15/06/20 10:38 / by The Insurance Institute

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Majella King, President of The Insurance Institute of Galway

An active member of The Insurance Institute since 1979, Majella King is passionate about the work that it does and believes her involvement has had a hugely positive impact on her career. Majella sees the Presidency as an opportunity to give back to the local insurance community in Galway, which has provided her with many opportunities and enabled her to develop lifelong friendships.

We chatted with Majella to learn more about what the Presidency means to her, and what she hopes to bring to the role.

What will the theme of your Presidency be?

All of the incoming Presidents have decided on the theme ‘Community’ – and I believe this to be extremely relevant, especially in light of the current environment. In many ways this crisis has made us all aware of just how essential community is and how much we depend on the support of one another in both our personal and professional lives.

Here in Galway we have always sought to foster a sense of community amongst our insurance industry. In 2018 we set up ARíS (the Association for Retired Insurance Staff) as a way in which to keep retired members connected. These members are extremely important to us, their contribution to our organisation is immense, and I believe a lot can be learned from both their knowledge and experience.

What does the role of President mean to you?

The role of President is a huge personal honour as I’m following in the footsteps of many great friends of mine that I met over the years in the insurance industry. I am very proud of our Local Institute and the work it does for our members. Throughout my career the Institute has been instrumental in my progression and so I see the Presidency as an opportunity for me to give back to the insurance community in Galway. I will use my role as President to be a voice for our members and I’ll work to ensure their views and opinions are communicated and heard.

How has being a key part of the local insurance community benefitted you?

It has allowed me to stay connected to my peers throughout my career, and has ensured that I’ve always been in the know about relevant activities – be that events of interest, CPD courses, new trends or even regulations that might impact how we do business. Being part of the insurance community has kept me informed and enhanced my ability to do my job.

Why should your members get involved with their Local Council and more importantly, their local insurance community?

For the networking aspect – it is hugely beneficial in helping further their career and education, and it also allows them the opportunity to make new friends within the industry. I have made lifelong friendships within the insurance industry and am most thankful for these friendships which have helped me through my personal life and career.