What does a Claims Handler actually do? [Infographic]

01/11/16 10:00 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute

Insurance organisations employ people of many skills and backgrounds, all of whom are vital to the company's success. The roles available range from the traditional – underwriters, claims handlers, loss adjusters and sales personnel – to ancillary services like marketing, HR, accounting and IT.

 Our new series of infographics will help to explain exactly what each of these roles involve, the skills and qualifications required and the future prospects associated with each career path.

One of the main roles that underpins the insurance industry is the claims handler. As the first point of contact in the company after a customer has a car accident or a break-in at their home, claims handlers must be a good all-rounders; supportive, caring and decisive, with a great eye for detail.


Learn more about what a career as a claims handler actually involves in our infographic below.


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