A Step by Step Guide to our Exams

19/11/19 11:00 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute

Exams can be a stressful time. One of the best ways to reduce this stress is to be prepared. To help you with your preparation, we've put together a clear step by step of the year. From how to register to getting your results, we've got you covered.



1. Registration

We have 3 exam sittings a year. This means you have 3 opportunities to register! The first sitting of the year happens in January, the second in May and the third and final sitting of the year happens in September. Applications open a few months before this. We recommend that you register as early as possible so that we can get your textbook and other study supports to you as quick as we can, leaving you with ample time to study and get ready for your exam.

Useful Link: Exams: The Key Dates

2. Term Starts

Once your term begins, its time to get studying. Occasionally, members may put their studying to the side until closer to exam time. While we understand that our members have busy lives, it is important to try fit in some study early on to reduce the pressure around the week of your exam.

Try taking this quick quiz to figure out how you should study.

Quiz: What is Your Learning Style?

3. Preparation for Exam Day

We all know that the more unprepared we are, the more worried we feel. Save yourself the stress and get organised. Make sure you have everything you need including:

- Stationary: you are permitted to bring a blank piece of paper and a pen to your exam. This can be particularly useful if you will need to do some calculations. The TestReach system has a calculator, so no need to worry about that. 

- Water: hydration is key! Make sure to bring some water to your exam room. Check out the blog post below to understand the foods that your brain needs to retain all that info!

Blog: Powering Your Brain at Exam Time

Your ID: It is important that you bring photographic ID so your invigilator can confirm your identity. 




4. Sitting Exams

Your exam time has began. First things first, read through the paper and familiarize yourself with the questions. It can be helpful to write quick notes on what you've covered and what may apply to the questions you've just read. Some students like to do this as it gives them a reference point.

Here's some blogs that may help:

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5. Waiting for Results

This, for some, can be the most nerve wracking time. You think you've done enough but maybe you're starting to doubt yourself. Our teams work really hard to get your results back to you as soon as possible. Keep an eye on our key dates page to see when your results will be released. 

Useful Link: Key Dates

6. If You Fail ..

Unfortunately, not everyone will be happy with their results. But not to worry. We've got lots of advice for anyone who is worried about failing an exam. Plus, our Member Services team are always at hand to talk you through the next steps if required.

Blog: I failed my exam.. now what?

Whether you're a school leaver, college graduate or just looking for a career change, you can start your career in insurance with us today! Read more about our qualifications or register your interest in our apprenticeship programme to get started.