What is your learning style? [QUIZ]

18-Sep-2017 09:30:00 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute

What is your learning style?

When you are studying towards any qualification, knowing your learning style can help you get off to the best start possible. We have created this quiz to help you identify your learning style and find out which of our study supports will work best for you.

A quick look at learning styles

When you learn, you depend on your senses to process the information. Most people use one sense more than others, which ultimately impacts on which learning style they gravitate towards.

There are four basic types of learning styles and by identifying your preference – visual, auditory, read/write or active (kinaesthetic) – you can work out how best to approach your studies. 

  • Visual – you prefer to look at charts and diagrams when learning a new concept
  • Auditory – you like to have someone explain the topic to you verbally
  • Read/Write – you like to read about a topic and make your own notes
  • Kinaesthetic – you prefer to use case studies and real life examples to understand a subject.

The below quiz will help you discover which learning style suits you best. You can learn more about your learning style by using our guide, which you'll find with your study supports in Connect, under 'Getting started' →


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