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How the insurance industry is building braver cultures & how to help.

16/09/22 16:29 / by Anne Roberts

Dive In Blog

Dive In has been the insurance industry’s most prominent voice for a progressive future for the last 8 years. The festival's mission is to enable people to achieve their potential by promoting positive action for diversity in all its form. 

This year's theme is no different. It is to build braver, psychologically safe work cultures – both on and offline – that truly allows people to feel safe, valued, respected, and free to express themselves. So let's find out more.

What is Dive In?

Dive In is a global movement in the insurance sector to support the development of inclusive workplace cultures. Its mission is to enable people to achieve their potential by raising awareness of the business case and promoting positive action for diversity in all its forms. They do this through a wide variety of events and experiential activities, as shown here in their 2019 promotional video. 

How does it work?

Since 2015, Dive In has grown exponentially, reaching global heights with events taking place across 35 countries worldwide, attracting more than 30,000 people. With the changing working landscape in recent years, Dive In events have been virtual, allowing for even more of a global reach.

Why is it important?

Dive In recognises that the global risk industry is facing complex challenges such as climate change and cybercrime. In order to attract the very best talent to keep pace with the rate of change, insurance needs to focus on its reputation as a great sector to work in.

This means looking beyond traditional definitions of diversity to level the playing field for talent comprehensively, including gender, gender identity, age, cultural background, sexual orientation, social mobility, faith, caring responsibilities, mental health and physical impairments.

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Listen to Dame Inga Beale talk about the importance of Dive In and why she championed it 

Watch last year's event Embracing the Power of Neurodiversity - What a REAL Superpower looks like

When does it take place?

Dive In promotes year-round best practices in diversity and inclusion with tools and advice that culminate in an annual three-day festival in September. Events are hosted in insurance firms of all types and sizes all around the world, both online and in-person.

This year's theme is #BraverCultures, and you can read more about the importance of the theme to the industry by clicking this link or registering for our own event by clicking the image below.

Dive In Festival event with text reading #bravercultures and what does it take to lead the workforce of the future


How can I get involved?

Registration for the Dive In festival is free and once completed you will have access to the full list of events happening here.

You can also take part in their social media campaign ahead of the festival using the #SharetoGrow and sharing your thoughts as to what you would tell your younger self.

Finally, you can take part in our discussion with Amanda Blanc, Rachael Ingle and Fiona Marry on Thursday, 29th September by registering here.

Find out more about our speakers here


The Dive In festival started as an initiative of Inclusion at Lloyd’s and also supports the insurance partner networks; GIN, iDAWN, iCAN, NGIN, Insurance Families Network, LINK.