We Are More – Introducing Our Three-Year Strategic Plan

26-Jul-2022 15:55:00 / by Dermot Murray

Dermot Murray


Change is one of life’s only certainties, and if these past few years have taught us anything, it is that we must learn to adapt, and we must be flexible as nothing ever stays the same – and would we want it to anyway? Change is, in many ways, progress. The quote about how we cannot become who we want if we stay the same comes to mind and is quite apt when discussing our (The Insurance Institute’s) new strategic direction.

As mentioned, these past few years have radically altered everything we do – from the ways we work to how we live our lives. As we emerge from what was an incredibly challenging time for everyone in society, we at the Institute have had to take stock, and we have used this period as an opportunity to initiate a transformation, to rethink everything we do in order to bring us closer to you, our members.

We Are More – this is the tagline for our new strategic direction, which seeks to incorporate our strategic ambition for the next three years. ‘We Are More’ was born from a strong desire to do more for our members, to be more for our students and to inspire our members to come on a journey with us – to reach their full potential and to achieve everything they desire. We want to be the educational partner that you not only need, but that you want by your side, throughout your career – and we want to help you, our members, to not be limited by anything and to excel in any area you desire.


The ‘We Are More’ campaign will incorporate a broad and wide-ranging number of strategic objectives and initiatives that will percolate into every aspect of our organisation. It will inform all aspects of our business and be a strong component of our mission and vision for the coming years. The initiatives and programmes we will introduce will seek to create greater awareness of what we can do for you while also delivering enhanced and accessible educational supports. We also want to build stronger connections and create a streamlined IT system for delivery with innovation at its core.


Over the coming months, we will be providing you with more detail around the new strategy and campaign and what it means for you. We will also outline in detail the tangible initiatives we will be implementing and keep you abreast of all activities – I can assure you that these are all designed with you, our members, in mind. However, to be clearer, the We Are More campaign will consist of four key areas where our strategic efforts will be concentrated – these are summarised below:

Support – partnering with our students and members to provide them with the skills and competencies they need now and into the future – to assist members to build a career of which they are proud. We know this will be different for everyone, but we want to make it clear that we are the Institute for everyone, regardless of your journey we are here to support you every step of the way.

Community – strengthening our bond with members and building communities across the industry at every level in order to create real and meaningful connections that revolutionise how our industry operates. We want to connect members to their regional network, to build on this imperative resource to bring members together.

Technology – radically transform our systems in a way that supports the delivery of our programmes and services, to make them more efficient and flexible - and central to this will be technological advancements and innovation.

Knowledge – create an environment and culture that promotes knowledge and life-long learning at every stage in a career, that inspires members to want to do more, to learn more and which shifts the mindset so that insurance is recognised as a profession, one with a rich history and clear educational pathways.


In essence, the campaign and strategy will seek to remind and inform our members and prospective members that we are more than just an Institute, more than a professional body. We are more than just a basic education provider. We are more than just our history, but proud of our 137 years.

Our new modernised strategic direction is about building more connections and more knowledge. Ensuring more diversity, whilst also creating more possibilities. We strive to provide more ways to help our members develop and aim to support them throughout their career.

We want to remind our members that they are more too. That they can build a career they are proud of, one that fulfils and helps them reach their potential.

We look forward to sharing more details with you soon – in the meantime, you can watch this video which encapsulates what the campaign is about: