10 business writing tips [SlideShare]

14/10/16 12:33 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute



Effective business writing is one of the most important skills you should develop, no matter what your job title is or how long you’ve been working. Whether you’re sending an email to your colleagues, generating a report or creating a new sales pitch, the ability to communicate effectively could be the difference between success and failure in your next business endeavour.

While everyone has a different writing style, there are a few simple rules you can follow to ensure you communicate your message in the clearest way possible.


Our 10 tips

  1. Know your audience
  2. Set out your goals
  3. Introductions are key
  4. Use simple language
  5. Limit your use of adverbs
  6. Know when to use that vs which
  7. Avoid passive language
  8. Make it visually appealing
  9. Read it aloud
  10. Look for a fresh pair of eyes.

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