How Capstone Projects Can Benefit The Industry – The Employer’s Perspective

14-May-2021 12:00:23 / by The Insurance Institute

The Insurance Institute

Agata Pociejkowicz, an Insurance Practitioner Graduate working with Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers was recently awarded an Apprenticeship Recognition Award for the research she conducted as part of her Capstone Project. Agata chose the topic of Autonomous Cars – here we speak with her employer Brian Mullins to learn more about why he feels the Capstone project is important, and also we learn more about his experience of the apprenticeship programme. Brian Mullins, Managing Director, Brian Mullins, Insurance Brokers.


Brian, I’m sure you were delighted for Agata on her recent win at the Apprenticeship Recognition Awards – what did the award mean to you and your team at Brian Mullins Insurance Brokers?

We were absolutely delighted to see Agata winning this award and getting the recognition she deserved. Agata’s win gave us all a reason to celebrate, especially as we had all witnessed how much work, effort and passion that she had put into her Capstone Project.

Why in your opinion is the apprenticeship capstone project important?

It gave Agata the chance to put what she had learnt from the course into practical terms and an opportunity to explore the merits of her work from an entrepreneurial perspective. I have no doubt that any Motor Underwriter would benefit from having Agata’s Capstone Project to hand as a reference guide into the future implications of autonomous vehicles on the insurance sector.

Can you tell me how the topic for Agata’s capstone project was decided?

This decision was all Agata’s. We did sit down a number of times to discuss various topics but Agata always came back to working on the insurance implications surrounding autonomous vehicles. I am very glad that she went with this topic as I believe it will stand the test of time and that it certainly has merit.

Agata has mentioned that she has received great support from everyone in your business – is taking on an apprentice a big commitment?

Certainly the team here were all behind Agata every step of the way and we were very happy to help in any way that we could. Whilst it is a commitment on everyone’s part I believe that with good teamwork it is very manageable from the businesses’s perspective, it is the student that has to put in the hard work.

How long have you been involved in the apprenticeship programme? What do you feel have been the main benefits to your organisation?

We have been involved with the apprenticeship programme for almost three years and it has been a really good addition to our business. Our apprentices are able to contribute in a meaningful way to the business and once encouraged they can show off their new skillsets to everyone’s benefit including our Clients.

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