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CPD: Dealing with my first end-of-year submission

01/12/17 13:18 / by Tom Grace posted in Careers, Industry Insights, Study and exams, Student Stories, The Insurance Institute


When I received my APA (Accredited Product Adviser) designation at the end of last year, I gave myself a little pat on the back for a job well done. It was a great feeling to get recognition for the hours of study I’d put in on top of my day job, a feeling that I’m sure was shared by all graduates at conferrals earlier this year.

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Student Stories: the final countdown

07/09/16 15:10 / by Tom Grace posted in Study and exams, Student Stories


Frantic study, mini mocks, brain straining to retain every detail, a little more study... Yep, that’s me a couple of days before the exam.

As I try to keep everything on track with the day job and with so much going through my mind before entering the exam hall, my thought process isn’t always the clearest.  Let’s face it, as a man multi-tasking may not be my thing, so I‘ve put together a quick checklist to avoid turning up at the exam hall and having a panic over something vital that I’ve forgotten. 

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Student Stories: How I deal with study frustration

24/08/16 10:09 / by Tom Grace posted in Study and exams, Student Stories

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It was likely to happen at some stage. As we count down towards the exam (just over two weeks now), frustration is starting to get the better of me and my textbook plus some study supports nearly went sailing out the window.

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